So it's been a wet winter! We weren't sure we'd get our Winter Wheat in the ground but it dried up enough to get the tractor and drill on the field and in the second week of February we drilled it and honestly hoped for the best. Now we're in March and it's chitted and is poking through the soil so although we anticipate yields to be down at least it's in and has come through instead of sat in the shed. I know we are very lucky that it's gone this way for us unfortunately there are so many others that it has just not been the right conditions to get it in the ground. 
We hope everyone has a more positive time with spring drilling. 
We've been having more time in the office and working on new projects, taking new opportunities that will be another stepping stone to reaching our business goals. 
At the end of March I am taking part in a two day workshop in Bristol created by 'Just Farmers', connecting farmers to the general public and media. I am really looking forward to participating in this workshop and looking forward to meeting fellow farmers from different areas within the industry. I hope to learn more about our industry and how to help manage the challenges it faces today. 
Our Forager arrived! We have been working towards this day for a long, long time. You've got to have dreams and goals, it's all part of your ambition for life. I am honestly so proud of Scott for working over the years to get to this point. We will be using it for our own Grass and Maize and will be offering contracting services on Grass, Maize and Whole Crop. Give Scott a ring if you are in the East Anglian area for anymore info. 07709 404 432. 
Well I am just so looking forward to Spring and Summer. I am most definitely a fair weather person. All the doors open and the warmth all around you. I have been working on the Spring/ Summer Collection and looking forward to everything arriving from the screen printers. 
Well the sky is bright and blue here in Cambridgeshire and it's Friday so take a fresh breath in and enjoy everything around you. 
Catch Up Soon,