Hello and welcome to Haywood Farms Ltd! 

You may have read our 'About Us' section on the home page so this Blog is just a little introduction to how this part of our business came about.   

Haywood Farms Ltd is a product of ambition and determination to leave a legacy for our two sons Harrison and Archer. We are very much a small family business, with us, Scott and Sarah Haywood navigating our way through our plan for our time here. 

 You'll mostly hear from me, Sarah, as this part of the business is my domain along with all other admin tasks, occasional tractor driving, calf feeding, parts collector, Mama, grain store sweeper, cook, caravan renovator, Wifey, and all the other uncertified qualifications you obtain from running your own farm and business. 

I had been thinking about what part of the business I wanted to have as my baby for a little while. I wanted something diversified, something that would allow me to be creative. I was proud of our brand and wanted to develop that further.

 So this is Haywood Farms Ltd, a brand and clothing line that is practical for the whole family, as tested by ourselves. It’s not the traditional country attire, I feel it holds a little rebellion. I have so many plans on where to take this, with development and more creativity. I am so excited about this and can't wait to share it with everyone. I hope you find something that gives you the good feels! 

I will keep this blog for updates about farm life and the contracting side of our business. You'll find most of our daily farm life on my Instagram page


Side note: Our dog is not photogenic - ever. 

Speak soon,